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Chapter 22

Business Ownership – A House of Mirrors

If you look back at the last paragraph of the last chapter, I used the phrase “entrance strategies”. In investment real estate, unless you’re a cash buyer, and many are not, you’ll have to qualify to purchase the property…hence, “entrance strategy.”

In business ownership, the entrance strategy is simple. You hang a shingle on the door, or a magnet on the truck…and you’re in business! Depending on the type of business, you might want to form some type of corporation, LLC, Subchapter S, C-corporation, etc. This is where you need another person at your table. A Certified Public Accountant to help you establish the company and help set up your record keeping.

Everywhere I read, I’m seeing articles on “MILLENNIAL ENTREPRENEURS”. So obviously, this is a hot topic! As I mentioned earlier,

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