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How To Use This Book

Unless you want to feel like you’re “drinking out of a fire hose” This is not a “sit down and read cover to cover” bookIt’s designed to be my “professional explainer’s tool”Each chapter is its own moduleIf you are buying your first home, condominium, or investment property, there’s a specific chapter on thoseIf you’re reading the electronic version, just click on the link & review that chapter.

However, it is designed to be in an order of priorityFor example, most people today immediately start contributing to their company 401(k) when they should be setting $$$ aside for short term needs, college, or consumer debt reduction, etc

The text flows in the reverse of the title of this book MOATS FIRST, CASTLES SECOND! The moat protects what can happen today…the castle is wealth building for tomorrow.

To illustrate another purpose for this book, imagine that you are at a conference table, along with a number of other people that you have invited, all of whom you have professional relationships with. You are the only one standing, but sitting are the following:

  • Financial Advisor for Investment Management
  • Insurance Advisor for Life & Disability Insurance
  • Realtor
  • Mortgage broker
  • Banker
  • Human Resources/Corporate benefits person
  • CPA
  • Attorney
  • “Financial Entertainer,” because you believe what they say
  • Your Dad, because you’ve always trusted him

You begin the meeting by thanking everyone for joining and to say:

“I’ve invited all of you here today because I have a relationship with each of you and I want you to help me organize my finances and build a financial plan for me and my family”

Stop for a minute & think how that meeting is going to go…is it going to be a peaceful conversation between the people you trust and have invited to be at the table…or is it going to be a lot biased opinions telling you should do what they think?

Probably going to be the latter, isn’t it? You are correctEven though you trust each of these people, everyone has a bias in their chosen fieldThe insurance guys think you should buy more of their products…the financial advisor wants more $$$ to manage, the HR director thinks you should put as much as you can into your retirement accounts…on and on and on….

I’m not professing to know everything…but I am saying that I’ve written this book in a series of priority that our firm believes you should do…and I’ve got almost 15o advisors standing behind me.

If we prioritize, organize, strategize, and “stress test” each financial decision you either want to make or must make, you have a much better outcome if you don’tAlso, if we can “recapture” lost dollars leaving your life unnecessarily and “redeploy” them towards things that you either want to be doing or should be doing, will you have a better outcome?

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