Looking for Rental or Vacant Property Insurance in Nashville?

If you own a rental property in Nashville, or a home that happens to be vacant, you need a specialty dwelling or landlord insurance policy. This is due to the fact that traditional homeowners insurance excludes properties that are not owner-occupied.

There are several types of properties that fall under this title, including long-term rental investment properties, short-term rental investment properties (AirBnb & VRBO), and vacant dwellings under renovation. Each scenario requires different types of coverage, and this is where Brian can help, since he has experience working with many different carriers. However, your local independent agent will make sure that you have the proper coverage for your unique needs.

Brian is duly licensed to discuss these insurance plans but does not sell them. Please consult your independent agent for pricing and coverages.
Common Landlord Scenarios
  • Rental Properties — Specialty Dwelling or Landlord insurance, which protects landlord furnishings and tenant liability, is the only type of policy that will work for a rental property.

  • Vacant Homes — This property type can be difficult to insure, and while most companies will ignore you, we can help you through the process.
  • Seasonal & Vacation Homes — In order to insure these types of properties, most companies require that you also insure your primary residence with them, which we know isn’t always possible.
  • Older & Lower Value Homes — Many insurance companies hesitate to cover homes of this type, but we have access to specialty policies from multiple carriers.
  • Homes Under Construction — In some situations, your renovation, addition, or reconstruction project may require a specialty dwelling policy.