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In 2023, independent advisor, author, and professional explainer Brian Carden is celebrating 40 years in the insurance and financial services industries. For the benefit of his clients, he is licensed for life & health insurance, property & casualty insurance, and securities (Series 6, 63, 7, and 65), making him uniquely qualified to offer honest, open advice on virtually every insurance or financial need. As an independent advisor, Brian has access to to a diverse selection of providers and products, and is prepared to make suitable recommendations for you, your family, and your business.

Brian considers himself a “protection first, comprehensive financial advisor,” which was the catalyst for him to author his book Castles & Moats: Insurance, Investment, and Life Planning Simply Explained. His firm beliefs in asset allocation, behavioral finance, and investor behavior in an ever-changing landscape have now inspired him to expand into Medicare planning as a part of his overall practice. Although Brian no longer sells property & casualty insurance, his mantra for his practice remains true: If you’re going to build a castle of wealth, you need a moat of protection!

Insurance Services

Life Insurance | Long Term Care Insurance | Medicare

Brian is passionate about helping his clients navigate the often complex Medicare onboarding process. He also endorses permanent life insurance when appropriate and understands how to effectively integrate some form of long-term care into your financial strategy.

Financial Services

Comprehensive | Sensible | Strategic

Brian believes that every available financial product should be considered, including savings accounts, Turnkey Asset Management Programs (TAMP), and both fixed and variable annuities. He will do everything possible to ensure that you do not outlive your retirement assets and create a legacy of love and significance for your heirs.

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Has someone or something told you that at this point in your life, you should have a net worth of a certain amount or a certain balance in your retirement accounts and other investments. Maybe you thought you would be retired by now. Who knows where you fit in this, but I know you fit somewhere!

I had an old friend from my high school days in Knoxville reach out to me late last year. We spent the better part of an hour just reminiscing about people and common memories, but eventually, our conversation came back around to what exactly I do as a Comprehensive Financial Advisor. As my friend is getting ready to retire, he had several questions to ask me.

I hope it’s been a great 2023 for you. It has for me, but in different ways. As I’ve said on multiple occasions, Dad always taught me to work hard. He never taught me to play equally as hard. Retrospectively, there are several thoughts worth sharing.

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