Asset Management

Something Brian often hears from prospects is, “my financial advisor manages my money.” While this might be true with some advisors, it is in fact very rare today. The truth is, a plethora of investment opportunities are available to everyone that has the ability to invest, and many people are managing their own money, with or without experience!

With the understanding that your individual needs are paramount, Brian Carden’s investment management approach focuses on managing both YOU and the PROCESS while maintaining his fiduciary responsibilities. Brian believes that his role is to be more of a “financial psychologist” that helps manage your expectations and most importantly, your emotions. Believe it or not, your emotions can have a greater effect on your ability to grow wealth than the investment markets themselves.

Brian is a student of “behavioral finance,” a decades-old concept that won a Nobel Prize in economics, yet remains unfamiliar to many investors. In a nutshell, it focuses on how your psychological influences and personal biases can affect your financial outcomes.

Professional Investment Management

Brian also believes that investment management should be delegated to the true professionals – those who manage billions of dollars of client wealth. Only from them should you determine which money manager, mutual fund, or exchange traded fund (ETF) is best suited for your needs and desires. Brian’s role includes helping you cut through the financial myths and other noise that is heard through cable news channels, financial magazines, and any of the numerous “financial entertainers.”

Because Brian prefers to work on a fee basis, this means that his reward is associated with the successful performance of your portfolio. If you do well, he does well; if you do not do well, neither does he. This helps Brian maintain an ongoing connection with you, since he is invested in your success. What’s more, it also avoids the common issue of front-end commissions.

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