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“In Castles and Moats, Brian Carden simply explains insurance and investing, unpacks all the different options, and helps us chart a course to the financial future we’ve always dreamed of and worked so hard to obtain.”

Americans are confused about managing their finances, insurance needs, and overall life planning. In the past, money wasn’t the do-it-yourself project it has become today. Instead, consumers had insurance and financial professionals to help them make prudent decisions.

The point-and-click, self-serve nature of the Information Age has robbed us of the personalized face-to-face relationships that once led us into good financial decisions. Today, we’re drowning in information…but we’re starving for unbiased education without a sales pitch attached. We need a “professional explainer” to come alongside us, unpack all the different options, and help us chart a course to the financial future we’ve always dreamed of and worked so hard to obtain.

Brian Carden Author

The Professional Explainer

In Castles and Moats, Brian Carden is the “professional explainer” who helps you understand, prioritize, organize, strategize, and stress-test each financial product or strategy to help create more favorable outcomes. You’ll learn how to avoid buying products or strategies that might seem good when you buy them, only to find out about the pitfalls later in your life. By recapturing those lost dollars and redeploying them towards other, more tailored solutions, you’ll increase your chance of financial independence with more predictable outcomes.

Unpacking all the ins and outs of insurance, planning, and investment strategies, Brian provides an unbiased, practical, and easy-to-understand guide for you to make better, more informed decisions. In Castles and Moats, he equips you to build your glimmering castle of wealth and surround it with a moat of protection.

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