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My New Normal

This blog was originally published March 2016. It’s been seven years since we lost Dad and I find myself either referring to him, quoting him, or just thinking of him every day. I’m learning that we all have our stories about death...I hope you enjoy this one.

My New Normal2023-05-09T16:57:30-05:00

Junk Drawers

I hope everyone had a great 2022, and it ended with a very peaceful & memorable holiday season. Over the holidays, I had plenty of down time here at home and in my home office. Regarding the home office, the purchase of a newer, better paper shredder was in order and it was definitely put to use. Years ago, Brian Tracy, an amazing professional speaker who I have seen multiple times, gave me “The Four D Rule.” What are the “Four D’s” you ask? Simple...

Junk Drawers2023-05-09T16:58:54-05:00

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Golf has been a great conduit to meeting some amazing people. You can get to know someone fairly well when you’re walking 18 holes together. It’s a sport that can bring out the best and worst in people, and I always choose to see the best.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year2023-05-09T17:00:42-05:00

Rumors of My Retirement (I’m Not Retired)

Rumors of My Retirement (I'm Not Retired) OCTOBER 2022 To Paraphrase Mark Twain… ”...reports of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated." This May, I wrote a blog entitled The Times they are a Changing as quite a bit was taking place in my professional life. There were three bullet points. The first one

Rumors of My Retirement (I’m Not Retired)2023-05-09T17:01:32-05:00

What the Media Wants You to Think About

What the Media Wants You to Think About September, 2022 I found a great quote while putting this blog together. “Mass media doesn’t tell you what to think, but it tells you what to think about”. This is from Stanley J Baran’s definition of Agenda Setting. With this in mind, here are

What the Media Wants You to Think About2023-05-09T16:59:51-05:00

Seven Things to Do NOW

7 Things to Do NOW August, 2022 I’ve always thought that the saying, “May you live in interesting times” was a blessing or a compliment. However, Wikipedia sees it differently, saying that in actuality it’s a translation of a traditional “Chinese curse” said with irony or sarcasm. Who knew? Without having a

Seven Things to Do NOW2023-05-09T17:02:21-05:00

Agnostically Contrarian

I am, as the title says, agnostically contrarian. As an advisor and an individual investor, I do not know what the markets are going to do in the near future. However, I can share some thoughts that I have...

Agnostically Contrarian2023-05-09T17:03:04-05:00

The Times They Are a-Changin’

The Times They Are a-Changin' Happy Spring! I am loving the longer days, warmer weather, trees and plants coming alive again, and getting back out on the golf course with my friends. There’s a lot to unpack in this blog, and as the title says, things are changing in my world. Here

The Times They Are a-Changin’2023-05-09T17:03:55-05:00

Random Thoughts for the New Year

Random Thoughts for the New Year Greetings and welcome to the new year! For the record, I cannot stand wintry weather nor it getting dark around 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. Thank goodness for Orange Theory, as I’ve become somewhat of an addict; their workouts 3 to 4 days per week have been a

Random Thoughts for the New Year2023-05-09T17:04:38-05:00

Memories of the Sears Wish Book

Memories of the Sears Wish Book Authors Note: I wrote this 15 years ago…the references that were once current are no more. A lot has changed in the Carden family, but the memories remain. What is it about Christmas that creates such nostalgia? I remember when I was a kid in the

Memories of the Sears Wish Book2023-05-09T17:05:23-05:00

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