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When it comes to cars, I’m very brand loyal to Acura. I think I’ve owned eight over the last 30 years. My most recent one, I found while looking on their website four years ago. What made little sense about this decision was the fact that my current car at the time was in perfectly good condition and completely paid for. What was I thinking?

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Wisdom from a Cocktail Napkin?

Years ago, at a woman I was dating had a gathering of friends at her home, which of course included a selection of cocktails. I don’t remember what I drank that evening, but I’ll never forget the stack of cocktail napkins on the table, which said, “If you are what you eat, then I’m QUICK, CHEAP & EASY.”

Wisdom from a Cocktail Napkin?2023-06-22T09:02:21-05:00

What the Media Wants You to Think About

What the Media Wants You to Think About September, 2022 I found a great quote while putting this blog together. “Mass media doesn’t tell you what to think, but it tells you what to think about”. This is from Stanley J Baran’s definition of Agenda Setting. With this in mind, here are

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Agnostically Contrarian

I am, as the title says, agnostically contrarian. As an advisor and an individual investor, I do not know what the markets are going to do in the near future. However, I can share some thoughts that I have...

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By Trying Not to Lose, You’re Still Losing!

By Trying Not to Lose, You’re Still Losing! I’m blessed in that my friends and clients are regularly introducing me to their friends for my advice on “all things investment and insurance.” We can all agree there are a lot of conflicting opinions out there about everything regarding money, savings, and retirement.

By Trying Not to Lose, You’re Still Losing!2023-05-09T17:06:53-05:00

Reality Checks & Financial Myths

Reality Checks & Financial Myths Happy Summer! Hopefully, you are all getting your lives back to normal post COVID. I do not miss the solitude of my personal quarantine. I am enjoying going back to my workout classes. I am enjoying concerts and live music again in Nashville. I am appreciating the

Reality Checks & Financial Myths2023-05-09T17:07:46-05:00

I’m Tired of Seeing 20/20

I’m Tired of Seeing 20/20! I have not blogged much this year, and I am sorry for that. This is one of the strangest years in my lifetime. Every time I open a word document & start writing, I immediately get stuck, for a lot of reasons. There are so many emotions

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