Attention Class of 1976

It’s hard to believe that for many in the class of 1976, we will hit the big 65 this year. I'm now entering an entirely new phase of my personal and professional life. And I have already learned that Medicare is the most confusing, convoluted, frustrating, and challenging insurance product I’ve seen in my entire career. I like to think I’m pretty smart when it comes to "all things insurance and investment" - but not anymore! 

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Random Thoughts for the New Year

Random Thoughts for the New Year Greetings and welcome to the new year! For the record, I cannot stand wintry weather nor it getting dark around 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. Thank goodness for Orange Theory, as I’ve become somewhat of an addict; their workouts 3 to 4 days per week have been a

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Reality Checks & Financial Myths

Reality Checks & Financial Myths Happy Summer! Hopefully, you are all getting your lives back to normal post COVID. I do not miss the solitude of my personal quarantine. I am enjoying going back to my workout classes. I am enjoying concerts and live music again in Nashville. I am appreciating the

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Client Conversations…Q&A

Client Conversations…Q&A Long time, no blog! I hope this finds you well, healthy, and a little more relaxed than this time last year. I really do not have a theme for this post, just some random thoughts that might resonate with each of you. I am now fully vaccinated and have been

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Thoughts During the Quarantine

Thoughts During the Quarantine Well, here we are. Quarantined, working from home, or maybe not working, and dealing with something that only Hollywood could have dreamt up. I think I’ve gotten so many emails with QOVID in the subject line, that I just started deleting them. I’ve taken to Facebook to share

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What Got You Here

What Got You Here Happy 2020, by the way! We’re finally through the holiday season and are anxiously waiting for the time change to happen. This is my least favorite time of the year, but I’m blessed to continue to be busy serving current clients and all of the referred people that

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Are You Serious? Can You Fix It?

Are You Serious? Can You Fix It? Happy Summer. I’m enjoying the warm temperature and longer days. It’s easier to get those last 9 holes in when I’m able to play. Growing up in Knoxville, we had the best of the Eastern Time Zone in that it stayed light till after 9:30PM

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